Aaron's Wildlife Photography Equipment Guide

As a Professional Wildlife Photographer, Educator, and Guide, I feel privileged to shoot with and be immersed in the leading edge camera equipment. I spend a considerable amount of time researching and testing new products for wildlife photography. In the last 2 years I've lead over 100 photography tours. This experience has given me the opportunity to come into contact with and test an extraordinary variety of cameras, lenses, accessories, software, and shooting concepts.

Below you will find links to what I think are the best wildlife photography products on the market. I have done my best to explain my ideas and experiences with the gear and also included links to my favorite equipment I own. I hope you find this information valuable.


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New & Exciting Products

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  • Zacutovideofordslr

    Recommended Video Equipment

    Most DSLR's today have the ability to capture stunning 1080 high definition video. Here is a list of my favorite DSLR video equipment.

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  • Softwareforwildlifephotos1

    The Best Software for Wildlife Photographers

    The software you use to process your images can mean the difference between good and extraordinary photographs. Its taken me years to hone my digital workflow into a process that is just right for me. Below you will find my favorite software programs.

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  • 500mmlensforwildlifephotography

    The Best Lenses for Wildlife Photography

    In wildlife photography you are far better off investing in expensive glass first and saving up for an expensive camera body second. Lenses hold their value extremely well and can be pitched to the reluctant spouse as an investment. There are hundreds of lenses to choose from when trying to determine the best lenses for wildlife photography. Below is a list of some of my favorites.

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  • Nikond4review E1375243903678

    The Best Cameras for Wildlife Photography

    A list of my favorite cameras for wildlife photography and why from Nikon, Canon, and Sony.

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