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Fun, informative, exciting, exhilarating….if this describes your expectations for a wildlife photo shoot, then look no further than Aaron Baggenstos. Aaron’s passion for photography and his knowledge of wildlife are the perfect combination for an exceptional photo tour. On-location instruction/coaching combined with many hours each day of photographing wildlife is a methodology that insures a memorable learning experience regardless of photography skill level. – Don S – Tyler, TX (Yellowstone & Grand Tetons, 2014)


This was my fourth photo tour with Aaron and I couldn’t have been more happy with the experience.  As a woman traveling alone Aaron has always made it a priority for me to feel safe at all times.  He not only provides great photography instruction but also makes sure the accommodations and locations are first rate.  Costa Rica provided many photographic challenges due to the rain forest conditions and low light. Aaron was able to help me achieve some of my best images in difficult shooting scenarios.  I’m looking forward to my next trip with Aaron to Kenya in October! – Jean – Naples, FL (Costa Rica, 2015)

This was the trip of a lifetime on every level….starting with the first rate accommodations.  We were looked after from the moment we landed.  As a single woman traveling in Africa, this was supremely important for me. I felt incredibly safe with the guides/drivers/spotters as well as in the beautiful camps where we stayed in the bush. The photography opportunities with wildlife were stunning…and this was my third trip to Africa! Breathtaking is the only word that suitably describes this tour. – Jean – Naples, FL (Ultimate Africa, 2015)

Aaron is an extremely knowledgable and enthusiastic wildlife photographer. We found his enthusiasm infectious and was impressed by his willingness to impart his extensive knowledge in a considerate manner. While we were with him we were lucky enough to photograph a wide variety of wildlife and enjoyed his jovial sense of humor. We will be back! – Roger L – London, England (Yellowstone & the Grand Tetons, 2014)


We were impressed by the educational content preceding the first day in the field. Aaron brought in a local owl expert, who explained the differences in the various species we hoped to see and provided a lot of detailed information about the raptors. Also, Aaron showed us a brief video he put together on his scouting trip to the locations we would visit. Once the tour started, we had to patient for a good opportunity (this IS wildlife!), but when it came up it was wonderful. Great Gray Owls in flight during a snowstorm. Snowy Owls on the plains in great light. Aaron’s technical knowledge of still photography and video techniques is outstanding. His small group focus is also appreciated. Combined with his easygoing, helpful personality, the small group makes for a laid-back experience. He also provided ample support in the field to help us get the most out of our photographs. Highly recommended.. – David – Chicago, IL (Snowy Owls, 2015)

“Aaron’s master photography skills, sharp eye and unique tours are a perfect combination for a high end experience.  If there is anywhere in America I would want to live it would be in the Pacific Northwest…Aaron Baggenstos showed me that!  Thanks Aaron for introducing me to your wonderful and magical surroundings! Brought back with me so many unreproducible moments!  Already booked my fourth tour with Aaron and hopefully many more to come!” – Damilise M – Aruba (Snowy Owls, 2014)

I’ve been all over the world photographing birds but I’ve not had a better experience than the day tour I took with Aaron to Skagit Valley to photograph the owls, raptors, and geese. What a helpful, personable, and enthusiastic guide Aaron is! We’ll definitely plan another trip from SF to go birding on another one of Aaron’s tours. – Joe, M – San Francisco, CA (Skagit, 2013)

I’ve been on a few of Aaron’s workshops photographing birds and bears in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. I’ve found Aaron’s trips to be a little unique. No matter what your experience level, you will learn something on one of his trips. He has the talent of helping a person new to photography master their camera while alongside an experienced photographer challenging them to venture outside their comfort zone. Aaron is also very good on getting you in front of the targeted wildlife and helping you leave with the shots you envisioned. I’d definitely recommend a workshop run by Aaron if your looking to improve your photography skills and want to learn from a real professional. – Ashely R – Seattle, Wa (Bald Eagles, 2015)

I was very impressed with Aaron’s professionalism and the extraordinary amount of hard work he puts into these trips. He was always up early making sure that everyone got their shots and puts in long days to ensure success. All the logistics were handled flawlessly. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make these trips both fun and smooth. The pre-departure information was very thorough and contained everything one needed to know to ensure a successful trip. A list of recommended clothing, temperatures to expect, best lenses and cameras to bring … all that was spot on and very helpful.  Aaron went the extra mile and made it look easy. Highly recommended! – Gary K – Visalia, California (Snowy Owls, 2016)

By the end of the trip I wanted to quit my job and travel the world with you to take pictures of wildlife. I have never had such an experience. Everyday of the trip I became more and more energized and excited. There are no words to explain the impact of this experience on my life.  I am deeply grateful for your guidance, patience, and welcoming nature.” – Erika E, M.D. – Kentucky (Yellowstone in Spring, 2015)



I have had the pleasure of joining four of Aaron’s tours in past two years. Aaron has lead me to the most amazing, awe inspiring, and diverse places to observe and photograph wildlife, while honing my skills’ and techniques. His tours are limited to small groups to ensure one-on-one quality time with each participant. Aaron brings all of his knowledge, talent and experience to his clients, while maintaining a great sense of humor and enthusiasm. Throughout this trip Aaron provided me with numerous suggestions and tips to improve my photography. Aaron is patient and is an excellent teacher. He takes the time to explain concepts and answer questions. I really learned a lot spending time photographing with him and look forward to further developing my skills on future tours. I highly recommend his photo tours!! – Melissa H – New York, USA (Alaska Brown Bears, 2015)

I took three consecutive day tours with Aaron this past weekend. The specific point of the trip was to learn to photograph raptors; specifically snowy owls, eagles and other owls and have a good time with some freinds.. Each day dawned with extremely dense fog but Aaron was there, ready to go as promised. He assured us that we would work around the weather and he promised us lots of photo opportunities. Aaron delivered above and beyond all expectations despite the fog and frost. Over the course of three days Aaron drove us all over the area in search of the “good light” and “great shots”! Aaron took us to multiple locations where we photographed numerous owls, eagles, hawks, swans, snow geese and many others. This was a terrrific three days. Aaron is a great host, he made sure we were comfortable and getting the pictures we hoped for. I am a novice phtographer and Aaron was super in guiding me and helping me get the “shots”. If you want a great guide who knows the area and where to find the subjects, Aaron is your man. I learned a great deal, got several pictures to be proud of and most importantly had fun!!! The days are long and you need to be prepared for the changing weather, but Aaron gave us a list of things to bring and we were well prepared to get the most for our money. These were three terrific days and I recommend a day with Aaron for anyone interested in wildlife and photography. – Fred – Chicago, IL (Fred has now been on 3 tours)

There’s a reason these workshops were sold out. They were superb – superb venues, excellent guidance and instruction, and plain great company. – Bob T – Amagansett, NY (Olympic National Park, 2015)

Aaron is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about photography.  He gave us insights for optimal camera settings to achieve the desired results.  This is our first tour with Aaron, and we will definitely go with him again in the future. – Diane N – Phoenix, AZ (Snowy Owls, 2012)



We’ve traveled with just about all the guys leading photo tours and we had as good an experience on your tour as with the pros who’ve been in the business for decades!  Thanks for your enthusiasm and dedication to delivering such such a good experience. – Catherine – San Francisco, CA (Seattle Day Trips, 2012)

I knew I wanted to hire someone to take me and a friend through Yellowstone but never imagined our trip would be so memorable. Aaron was an ideal guide, we saw everything including great gray owls, wolves, moose, beavers, grizzly bears and even a bald eagle. However, what mostly impressed me was Aaron’s desire to help us get the best shots and patience in helping us improve our photography skills. The trip could not have been better and I’m already planning my next trip with him. – Todd S – Frisco, Texas (Yellowstone in Fall, 2013)

The snowy owl trip was beyond my expectations.  The photographic opportunities in this trip were beyond the imagination.  Aaron and John were certain that everyone was up to speed on what camera settings to use, and how to get the shots. This was all done with a sense of humor, energy and enthusiasm. A great experience! – Sue D – Bend, Oregon (Snowy Owls, 2016)

I recently returned from the most wonderful trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. What an experience! Aaron is the consummate tour guide. His passion for wildlife, nature and the environment, coupled with his dedication to providing the best photographic opportunities, made this an adventure of a lifetime. I enjoyed the trip so much I’ve already booked another tour! – Naomi – Quincy, Massachusetts (Yellowstone & the Grand Tetons Fall, 2014)

I’ve been on five photo tours with Aaron and tomorrow we head out to Eastern Washington for our sixth. Even though I’ve been an amateur wildlife photographer and birder for over 30 years, I’m finding I get my best photos with Aaron. He’s helped me photograph everything from Snowy Owls in British Columbia, to Lazuli Buntings in the Yakima Valley. And not only does he know where to find the great shots, he’s been very helpful teaching me how to get the most out of my equipment. (For me, he’s been a big help getting perfect photos of birds in flight.) Plus he just loves what he does and his enthusiasm is contagious.  If you are a wildlife photographer looking for a way to treat yourself to a special experience, I recommend that you join Aaron on one of his tours. You’ll get amazing photos, learn a lot, meet wonderful people, and have an experience you’ll always remember.
– Mick T – Woodenville, Washington (Mick has now been on 7 tours)

Aaron’s enjoyment of photography, wildlife and teaching really came through during my first trip with Aaron’s Photo Tours.  Aaron blended his knowledge of wildlife with his students’ photography skill level to enhance our image capture ability. At the beginning of our sessions we reviewed characteristics of wildlife we might encounter and discussed techniques for the scenery and lighting conditions. Improving my preparation and workflow was a great takeaway from this experience. The tour provided people with different skill levels that edge needed to take our photography up another level, be it confidence, technical knowledge or vision…the location not only provided for excellent orca photo opportunities, but a wide range of wildlife, landscapes and townscapes before and after the boat rides.  A key feature of this photo tour was access to a boat designed for great camera views and an engaging captain who shared his experiences and respect for marine life with our group. The tour surpassed my expectations for improving my photography skills and an opportunity to experience wildlife in a natural environment. – Mike M – Edmonds, Washington (Skagit Day Tours, 2013)

I just got back from my very first visit to the Pacific Northwest. I had always wanted to see visit this place. In particular, I wanted to get that Mount Rainier experience. Not having the foggiest idea on how to set this up, I decided to trust the numerous 5 star reviews of Aaron Tours here in Tripadvisor. And I am glad I did. Now, I too will add my own 5 star rating to his site. The whole trip was fun and exciting.  Aaron does take the effort to ensure an awesome experience. These include communicating with each one of the group weeks prior to the event, making sure we brought the right gear for the experience and knowing what each one of us wanted to get out of this trip.  He always knew what places to take us not just to view the landscape but also knew where best to catch the local wildlife. It was obvious he had scouted these areas days and weeks ahead. He also made sure we were positioned at these spots when the lighting was best. Finally his instruction was clear and precise, making it easy to nail that “perfect” shot. So go ahead and book a tour with Aaron! You will be glad you did. I know I will the next time I return. – Dr. Rodrigo – Enfield, CT (Mt. Rainier, 2015)

The Orca Whale Watching trip was truly amazing. Aaron provided us with a fantastic experience and he quickly developed a rapport with our group. He has a superior grasp of photography techniques. Whether you are an amateur just getting started with photography or a more advanced photographer, Aaron is there to help provide basic camera settings or more advanced techniques. He also has knowledge about a diverse number of camera makers.  We saw dozens of Orcas including breachings, tail flips and had opportunities to get lots of close shots. In addition, we had opportunities to take photos of seals and sea birds on the boat trip and, on-land, chances to capture fox hunting activity as well as bald eagle activity.  We would strongly recommend this tour and are planning to take one of his other tour offerings in the near future

– Linda and Michael – Severna Park, MD (Orcas, 2015)

“This was my third trip with Aaron.  He is truly a young man who has found his love and wants to share it with others. His knowledge of different brands of cameras is endless. Every trip I take I learn more and more about my DSLR. I have taken trips with other photographers and none are as giving or as interested in you getting the most out of the experience. I wish we could have another trip with this group again. I think we laughed most of the time.” – Marry Anne B – Philadelphia, PA (Olympic National Park, 2015)

Greatest photos ever…excellent light, beautiful owls..lots of time and opportunity to get the perfect shot. – John H – Watsonville CA (Snowy Owl Photo Tour 2016)

Aaron’s Photo Tours was simply an exhilarating experience!  Aaron’s knowledge of photographing wildlife and his wonderful personality together made sure that the trip was filled with useful tips and suggestions on how to capture fast moving wildlife.  I had trouble carrying my 600mm lens Aaron offered to carry it for me, which was a great gesture.  Thanks for being so awesome and giving me an opportunity to be part of the natural world, immerse in it and in the process photograph these animals in their natural habitat! – Mukul – Bellevue, Washington (Skagit Day Tour, 2012)

The Snowy Owls Tour was the first photography workshop I’ve attended since I got serious about photography. The tour was well-led by Aaron, and our co-guide, Jon, was great as well. I had a wonderful time photographing owls with the group, and the next time I plan for another wildlife photography workshop, I’ll check Aaron’s upcoming schedule first, since I would enjoy being a part of another workshop led by Aaron. – Jason W – Seattle, Washington (Snowy Owls, 2016)

First class photography instruction with first class photography locations. – Paul P – Seattle, Washington (Yellowstone Spring, 2016)

This was my first tour with Aaron but it will definitely not be my last. This was a very well organised tour. Aaron is a very skilled photographer and he is able to pass on his knowledge and skills to the tour participants in a way that takes account of all the different levels of skills etc that participants bring with them. I liked the way Aaron approached one with advice and I learned a lot on the tour.  His knowledge of the park, the wildlife and photography made this a great tour. A great introduction to the wildlife and beauty of Yellowstone as well as an opportunity to develop one’s photography knowledge and skills. I look forward to returning. – Richard K – London, England (Yellowstone Spring, 2016)


More Testimonials

I can’t believe how many great shots I got on my first photo adventure with Aaron’s Tours! He knew where all the wildlife was! In the past I had gotten some good shots on my own but this is on another level. Aaron truely understood where we needed to be to get the shots that made this tour more than worth it. My Facebook friends can’t believe these are my shots! Thanks Aaron!!! – Tim – Seattle, Washington

We spent a wonderful day in BC with Aaron. Got the most awesome photos of snow owls, not to mention two other owls and other birds. A day to remember, and worth every cent! – Kathleen – Seattle, Washington

With a brand new camera and the will to learn, I signed up to a tour with Aaron who took me to Lake Washington. He taught me how to use my camera and take pics without the automatic features. I learned about F stop, ISO, and shutter speed. Yes, that is how little I knew about photography. I had taken a million pics in my life and I have a good eye for composition, but I knew nothing else. Aaron was teaching me while we walked around the lake. He knew exactly where to find wildlife. He pointed out for me and I got many good first shots, and I got lucky that day. Aaron spotted pied-billed grebes which are hard to spot, and I got a nice pic. At the end of the tour, Aaron gave me homework – to practice, practice, practice – and I did. My second tour was to see the orcas in the San Juan Islands. With some hours of practice on my pocket, we met in Friday Harbor and Aaron drove us to Snug Harbor where we met the captain of the boat. The captain knew exactly where the whales were that Saturday. Following all the directions from Aaron on how to photograph the orcas, what settings worked best in that gorgeous sunny day, and other excellent pointers, I shot an awesome pic. So awesome, that I want to trade mark it before posting it on Facebook. Yeah, Aaron was very happy with my work. The second day of the tour it was overcast for the most part, and Aaron helped me with the different settings, but this time he did it by asking me what I should use. When I had answered correctly, he left me to do my work. Again, I got some awesome pics! He came around asking me how I was doing and making sure that I was happy with the results. Aaron is a good teacher who obviously loves his trade and enjoys sharing his knowledge. He spends long hours in the wild and is continually learning. And I am planning on taking more tours with him and continuing to learn myself. – Andrea – Seattle, Washington

Aaron Baggenstos provided a wonderful opportunity to improve my photography during a two day trip around the San Juan Islands in northwestern Washington State. His enjoyment of photography, wildlife and teaching really came through during my first trip with Aaron’s Photo Tours. Aaron blended his knowledge of wildlife with his students’ photography skill level to enhance our image capture ability. At the beginning of our sessions we reviewed characteristics of wildlife we might encounter and discussed techniques for the scenery and lighting conditions. Improving my preparation and workflow was a great takeaway from this experience. The tour provided people with different skill levels that edge needed to take our photography up another level, be it confidence, technical knowledge or vision. The base for our photo tour was Friday Harbor at San Juan Island. The location not only provided for excellent Orca photo ops, but a wide range of wildlife, landscapes and townscapes before and after the boat rides. A key feature of this photo tour was access to a boat designed for great camera views and an engaging captain who shared his experiences and respect for marine life with our group. The tour surpassed my expectations for improving my photography skills and an opportunity to experience wildlife in a natural environment. – Mike – Edmonds, Washington

As an amateur (emphasis on amateur) nature photographer this was the first time I hired a “guide” to take me on an Orca photography “hunt”. Not only did Alan know who to hire to take us out on our expeditions, but his additional tutoring added incredible new skill to my photography skills. He showed the proper positioning, techniques for shooting, as well as how to maximize the equipment that both I and other tour members had, from the simplest camera to the more complex. In addition he demonstrated his own equipment as a guide to future upgrades. These are things no simple whale tour could provide. – Gary – Wilmington, Delaware

Great Tour Company! Aaron was an awesome teacher and he knows the best places to get a great shot! Im booking my third trip with him, cant wait! – Bryan N – Bellevue, Washington

We took an Orca-whale-watching trip with Aaron. It was a great learning experience as well as a great chance to see Orcas up close and personal. Aaron does a lot of teaching as we go and we learned a lot. we had great opportunities with the Orca whales and saw them do breath-taking things. Aaron is extremely knowledgeable about cameras, photography, and wildlife. I recommend him highly. – Annie T

I’ve known Aaron a long time and watched his skills develop as a photographer. I’ve had the privilege of joining Aaron on a few “hunts” where he decides on one animal to photograph. He does an enormous amount of research into the possible location of the animal and has more enthusiasm and passion for his work than most people I know. The excitement and adventure of searching for particular animals can be quite thrilling. He brought down cliff faces to find a particular variety of bird and in caves searching for bats. Aaron’s passion is unmatched. I remember driving with him to the destination where we were to begin our search and he suddenly says “did you see that!!” pulls off the freeway, grabs his camera gear and starts running down the side of the freeway. He definitely has the eye – even at 70mph. He sort of reminds me of a wildlife storm chaser with the patience of a monk. While the adventure is great, the best part is result of his passion, skill and unending enthusiasm for his work. His photos are spectacular. A friend recently went on one of Aaron’s Photo Tours and shared with me some amazing photos of a white spotted owl. My friend is an amateur photographer and he was blown away at the success in finding the animals. Aaron’s photos are great – if you enjoy nature photography I suggest checking out is book or online portfolio – the really cool thing is that my friend got shots of the owl that he had never been successful at getting in the past. I’m saving up for a tour – my interest is in bigger game and I look forward to getting on one Aaron’s Tours somewhere in “Grizzly Alley”. My suggestions to anyone who is interested in going on one of Aaron’s Tours is to schedule a call with him. Just let him know your interests. He truly loves what he does and loves sharing with others. – Guy T

My second photo tour with Aaron provided me with the opportunity to photograph owls in eastern Washington that I could not have accomplished on my own. Aaron’s photographic tips and wildlife knowledge helped me bring back some great shots of barn owls, burrowing owls, avocets, and stilts. We really had fun watching the young burrowing owls. Aaron knows where to find the birds. Both tours were very productive for me and I highly recommended him. – Mike B – Snohomish, Washington

Aaron recently took us on a guided photo nature tour to the Columbia Basin. Our day was awesome as we viewed sandhill cranes, burrowing owls and many other bird species. Aaron has a clear passion for photography and wildlife. He is enthusiastic, professional, and helpful. Be prepared for a trip filled with great opportunities for wildlife viewing and photo moments, unexpected discoveries, and a unique experience. – Karen and Charlie H – Kenmore, Washington

For a more-or-less amateur photographer this was a great experience, and far better method of learning tips and new skills than a classroom style photography class. Aaron’s one-on-one instruction style was awesome. He took time to learn my photography interests before we began, and made sure I left with a list of local places to go to continue to develop skills that I learned. I came away with several new techniques and perspectives on photographing wildlife. The real perk is that you can apply what you learn right there in the field. My group witnessed a large variety of bird life, and the highlight was seeing up close a patient heron snag a huge bullfrog from the waters of Lake Washington. It was fun, informative, and a good memory. – Brain H – Seattle, Washington

I am a novice photographer with a digital (D-SLR) camera, with only 2 lenses (up to 200mm) that I have only used on the Auto and Sports mode. After a 4-hour nature photography class with Aaron, I was shooting like the pros! Friends and family commented that my photos looked like images seen in magazines and advertisement! Aaron provided simple techniques and tips in shooting in other modes and how to work with aperture, f-stop, ISO and shutter speeds to achieve the affects I’m looking for. He was also very knowledgeable on camera accessories, photo editing programs (another class he offers), websites and other reputable photography resources.

Aaron’s encouraging, easy-going demeanor was great to work with as he shared his sense of adventure and the lesson of patience in waiting for the right shot. This time, the class was held on Lake Washington, in the Kirkland area, and I could tell he had researched the area in advance to inventory wildlife activity. We photographed the bald eagles, blue heron, humming birds, colorful wood ducks, and many other birds and critters in motion. Colorful autumn plants, the moon and the beautiful landscape were all part of the composition lessons, as well. I was amazed when Aaron made a bird call and they responded back and we could track location and photograph the birds in the brush. Very cool!

The class concluded with a review of techniques and tips and I left feeling confident in utilizing my new skills and knowing Aaron is always available if we had any questions in the future. The 4-hr class was fantastic to nail down the basics but I imagine a longer trip would allow time to address a broader scope of photography. This was a fantastic local tour/adventure I would recommend to any photographers who want to brush-up on or improve their photography skills of any level. – Tina – Seattle, Washington

I have been interested in wildlife photography for some time, I feel the day spent with Aaron has helped to take my photography to the next level. Aaron’s personalized attention also helped my husband’s new found interest in photography. Not only does Aaron have a vast knowledge of techniques and equipment, he knows where to go to get the shot. That is half the battle. We expected to see Eagles, Hawks, Geese, and Swans but we were treated to Northern Harriers, Peregrine Falcons, Short-eared Owls, Snowy Owls, and so much more. The up-close experience and the amount of wildlife that we were able to photograph did not disappoint. Aaron has a great personality and it is obvious he loves what he does. We can’t wait to join him on another tour in the future. We give Aaron and the “Skagit Valley Tour” 4 thumbs up! – Linda – Duvall, Washington


To date I have been on 3 tours/workshops with Aaron. I had previously taken a few indoor photography classes to improve my photography skills but it wasn’t until I experienced being in the field with Aaron that things started to click. By the end of the first day I had a good handle on my camera settings and was shooting with confidence for the first time. If you want learn photography the right way, while having a blast, call Aaron. – Wolf – Renton, Washington

Thanks for the photo trip to Othello, It’s been a long time since I have enjoyed a trip more. You definitely know where to go and what there is to shoot in the Columbia Basin area. I will highly recommend you as a guide if you ever need one. I am looking to another trip with you if I don’t run out of money buying ink and photo paper! – Dick C – Kirkland, Washington

Thank you so much for showing John and I all the great places to spot birds around Camano Island. We really enjoyed the afternoon. I had a great time photographing owls and bald eagles, but also learned a lot! The one on one was so helpful for me. Not only do I feel like I have the basic knowledge now I need to take great photos of birds but I’m also really excited about doing so. I think John’s pretty happy about it as well :)  I’ve never paid as much attention to what I was looking at until now. Thank you so much for all your help and knowledge. It was a really fun day and a great learning experience :) – Lindsay T – San Francisco, California

We took an owl photo trip with Aaron and it was our most successful bird trip ever!! Going by ourselves in the past didn’t get the bird photos that we wanted. With Aaron, who is extremely bird-knowledgeable and was most enjoyable, we not only got excellent bird photos of barn owls and lots of water birds, but also photos of a large burrowing owl family. My wife came along as a birder, not as a photographer, and she had the best time ever! We had never seen owls this close in the wild. It was truly a magical experience. – Lewis T – Seattle, Washington

Aaron provided us with an experience in nature and wildlife photography we will remember for years to come. His skill at locating and photographing birds and wildlife brought many spectacular photo opportunities for us. We will definitely recommend his tours to our friends. – Mike and Dorothy B – Snohomish, Washington

Aaron, thank you for all the knowledge that I gleaned and your patience in instructing me. Your patience seemed endless and then you got me thinking about how all the different factors (ISO, f stop, and exposure) ties together. You have ignited my desire to learn more about photography and helped develop my passion as well. You are a gifted instructor, attentive to all the different levels of your clients, able to tailor your instruction to each client’s needs and wants, able to help each of us with our creative expression through pictures we took and attentive to each of our physical, and photographic abilities. Thank you so much for making my first photography tour a blessing and joyful time. I look forward to doing more tours with you in the future. Thank you also for choosing some Gluten Free snacks for me to munch on. This attention to detail speaks volumes to me of your thoughtfulness. – Ann H – Camas, Wa

I recently found Aaron’s website when looking into arranging a last minute trip to see snowy owls. I live in NY and love nature photography (especially birds). I emailed Aaron and within a few hours received a response. Aaron made special arrangements to accommodate my last minute plans and was able to fit me into the four consecutive days of tours.

My first day I took the snowy owl tour. All I can say is it was amazing!! We drove about an hour and was able to view and photograph more than 8 snowy owls. Aaron is a wonderful teacher. He prepped us prior to arriving at the spot, on the basics of photography and specific tips and suggestions for photographing snowy owls. When we were in the field he would guide us, troubleshoot and describe various techniques to improve our photos. We also had the opportunity on this trip to photograph short-earred owls (a new bird for my life list) and multiple northern harriers.

The second day I attended the Birds of the Skagit Valley Tour. Although the weather was not ideal and it was raining throughout the entire day, Aaron was able to provide a wonderful photographic experience. I was still able to take photographs of short-earred owls, hundreds of snow geese and a variety of other birds of prey, including a close up of a bald eagle. Despite the rain Aaron provided a exciting and successful tour experience.

The third day of touring was the thrilling Bald Eagle experience. It was on this tour that I had the opportunity to view and photograph over 50 bald eagles in flight, feeding and battle for fish. I have never seen so many bald eagles in one place. Once again Aaron helped the participants to get spectacular photographs of these amazing creatures.

My final day of touring with Aaron, we drove to Vancouver, BC. We went to multiple places to photograph a variety of wildlife. Our visit to Rifle Sanctuary was unbelievable. Aaron shared some special techniques that were more advanced and gave me the opportunity to take my photography to the next level. He also spent time working with me on post processing in photoshop during our lunch break. After three days of tours I couldn’t imagine seeing anything else that was as spectacular as the previous days. Much to my surprise I ended my trip with yet another wonderful day. Aaron did not disappoint.

Overall, the four days of tours with Aaron proved to be the best photography trips I have ever taken. I say this after traveling to a large variety of places for wildlife photography. I have been to over 20 of the National Parks, Alaska, multiple places in the Carribean, Italy and a large variety of places in Canada. These trips/tours with Aaron were by far the most successful trips I have ever taken. Aaron makes it impossible to be disappointed. He provides the experience and knowledge in all areas and guarantees a successful experience. Being at the mercy of nature doesn’t phase him. He makes the experience worth your while. He is obviously passionate about what he does and it shows in the time and effort he gives to each person on the tour. He takes the time to learn your strengths and weaknesses and what you would like to get out of the photo tour experience. He really strives to meet the individual wishes of each person. Due to the small number of members on each tour he is able to give one-on-one attention to each participant. His knowledge and expertise of photography, the area’s wildlife and the best places to photograph them make for a memorable experience. This set of tours have exceeded my expectations and I am already planning my return trip and next group of tours with Aaron. I highly recommend this.  – Melissa – Long Island, NY

I spent a day with Aaron for the Birds of the Skagit Valley Tour. What a great experience! Aaron knew where to go and when to be there for the best chances of seeing and photographing wildlife. I ended up with great images of Swans, Snow Geese, Northern Harriers, Rough-legged Hawks, Short-eared Owls, Red-tailed Hawks, Bald Eagles, flocks of Dunlin and many other birds from the area. I highly recommend one of his tours. His knowledge of the wildlife and photography make it easy for for any level of photographer to capture images to be proud of. – Roland – Northgate, Washington

Earlier this week I had one of the most fun and rewarding photography experiences that I have ever had when I went with Aaron on his Snowy Owl Photo Adventure. Aaron is extremely attentive to his guests and has a phenomenal knowledge of wildlife and where to find amazing wildlife photography opportunities. I also really appreciated the fact that Aaron has a great knowledge of photography, in this case bird photography, and was able to teach me some great techniques that will help me be a better photographer moving forward. Aaron made sure that everyone on the tour received plenty of personal attention.  I highly recommend taking a tour with Aaron and look forward to doing additional tours myself in the very near future. – Mike M – Edmonds, Washington

“My wife and I have been on numerous photography workshops over the years and can easily say that Aaron’s Bald Eagles of the Pacific Northwest workshop is right up there at the top.  Morning to night action between in-the-field, hands-on guidance and help, classroom-style instruction, and personal one-on-one reviewing and analyzing of your personal results all add up to a powerful photographic learning experience.  A gratifying experience.  We would join Aaron again in a heart-beat! … and so should you.” – Don B – Reno, NV

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