Skagit Bald Eagles


Where can you find a bald eagle? How about hundreds of them just two hours North of Seattle?

Every winter I get extremely excited to visit and guide photography tours to the best place to see bald eagles in the State of Washington and perhaps the lower 48 states.  The Skagit Rivers large salmon run attracts hundreds of bald eagles in the late Fall and Winter. These bald eagles come from as far away as Alaska to feast on carcasses of salmon that spawn, then die, along the upper Skagit River from mid-November to February.  If you are looking to capture images of bald eagles this is your spot.  I will be guiding small group tours all winter to the best spots for photographing and viewing these eagles.

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Washington State holds a secret gem. Every fall and winter HUNDREDS of bald eagles return to its northern river banks to feast on spawning salmon just a 2 of hour drive from Seattle.  The sheer masses of bald eagles create an American wildlife viewing experience few can match, I know because I have seen and photographed a lot of them. This tour is a MUST for people visiting the Seattle area or Washington State. Photographers…you do not want to miss this…Territorial mid-air battles, bald eagles gorging on fish, epic flight shots, young and adult birds, congregations in the same trees, all on the backdrop of a beatiful river surrounded by mountain terrain.

On your two hour scenic ride North you will receive professional photography instruction from Award-winning Wildlife Photographer Aaron Baggenstos.  Throughout the day he will divulge the techniques that he has used to capture 1000′s of stunning images of these magnificent American Icons including his famous image “Epic Battle.”

There only a few exceptional spots for photographing and viewing the bald eagles that unguided one could search for for years.  In some cases we will be able to visit an exclusive hide that Aaron has set up only for Aaron’s Photo Tours™ participants.  At times this hide enables us to get within 10 feet of multiple wild bald eagles.

We travel in small groups 3 person max – no big tour busses!  This gives each participant ample time with Aaron and makes for a more comfortable, customizable, and quality experience.  Tours will be sold out so reserve your spot now!

Aaron Baggenstos



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    Bald Eagles of The Pacific Northwest

    5 days, $1695
    Seattle, Washington

    Dec. 26-30, 2014 (1 spot remains)

    Photograph 100's of Bald Eagles as they congregate along the pristine rivers of the Pacific Northwest...

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